Luxury hotels of Monte Carlo

Choose from the widest selection of hotels to compliment our range of race viewing hospitality locations.

Ultimate hotel selection

Our hotel selection for the Historic GP weekend is focused on the finest options at the heart of Monaco. Each is located trackside minimizing the time it'll take you to reach your hospitality.

Monaco hotel or Nice hotel?

Whilst we are focused on our Monaco options, we understand they may not be right for every guest. If you would like to discuss options for an hotel in Nice, please contact us.

4 or 5* options

We offer a small range of 4 & 5* options in Monaco. The 4* would probably be 5* elsewhere!

3-night minimum

Across race weekend most hotels in the area require a 3-night minimum stay. All prices shown are for 3, 4 or 5 nights, per room not per night.