Multiple viewing locations

When you have a short time, limited budget and want to enjoy a fantastic weekend on the Cote d'Azur.

3 and 4* hotel options

We've selected some great options from the array of Nice and Monaco hotel rooms for your experience. Your room is booked for the weekend, including breakfast each day. What's more we've already covered any local taxes and service charges.

Race Viewing, on a budget

Saturday's race views will be from the fantastic 'La Rascasse' and includes a superb lunch and open bar. On Sunday you'll head to Café du Port for lunch and drinks before taking your grandstand seats for the race.


Keeping with the lower-cost elements of the weekend, we'd advise avoiding the Monaco parties though you may like to join our Drinks with F1 Legends event Friday, if you arrive early enough.

Complimentary airport transfers for Monaco hotels

Staying in Monaco? Then we've included complimentary airport to hotel transfers by car (or MPV for larger groups). If you're staying in Nice it's better for you to grab a cab at the airport, and again from hotel when you're departing Monday.

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