Seating at Cafe du Port with track behind

Special offers don't come around too often, but we think this bundle warrants the name!

3 and 4* hotel options

We've selected some great options from the array of Nice and Monaco hotel rooms for your experience. Your room is booked for the weekend, including breakfast each day. What's more we've already covered any local taxes and service charges.

3-day race viewing

3-days of race viewing from very different locations. Start your weekend watching practice from the Caffe Milano roof top. Saturday get CLOSE at Cafe du Port, and Sunday enjoy a spectacular views from Albatross roof top.

Upgrades and extras

You're welcome to add our optional extras but they're not included as standard.
If staying in Nice or St Laurent du Var, don't forget that you'll need to get to Monaco - we recommend the train which costs around €12 per person per day.

Airport transfers - Monaco & Nice hotels

Due to the level of demand we're now exhausted our own airport to Monaco transfers. We'll provide a link to enable you to book your own transfer direct with local operators.
For Nice hotels we'd recommend a cab in any case.

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