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Luxury hotels of Monte Carlo

Choose from the widest selection of hotels to compliment our range of race viewing hospitality locations.

Ultimate hotel selection

Whether you choose the 5* Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, or the 4* Holiday Inn at St Laurent du Var, our service remains the same - we offer you a fantastic experience at the best possible price.

Monaco hotel or Nice hotel?

We understand that our clients are looking for a range of options - not just in terms of luxury but also price point. An hotel room in Nice will be significantly lower-priced than the nearest equivalent in Monaco.

3, 4 or 5* options

Don't be misled - a 3* hotel in Monaco is better equipped than many a 4* property elsewhere in the world! We offer a range of 4 & 5* hotels in Nice, and 3, 4 & 5* options in Monaco.

3- or 4-night minimum

Across race weekend most hotels in the area require a 4-night minimum stay. Our partners' buying power means we can often offer a better, 3-night, duration. Or think about it as a treat yourself with a 4-night stay for only the price of 3...