Look down on the cars as they pass the terrace

From your location directly overlooking the Avenue d'Ostende, the elevated Midi Terrace provides views that may be the most panoramic in Monaco. Your vista takes in Sainte Dévote (the first corner) and pit exit, the run up the hill towards Massenet Corner (entry to Casino Square) - cars then return to sight as they run back through the harbour section, around the swimming pool. Your view can be enhanced by stepping onto the specially constructed 'Belvedere' raised viewing platform.

Superb views of the track

Stunning views from the raised Midi Terrace and specially constructed Belvedere. Plus this location benefits from a dedicated big screen opposite the terrace. Look almost straight down into the cockpit as the cars race up the hill.

Superb hospitality

VIP Suite guests have access to an adjacent suite where the exquisite buffet-style lunch will be served. Here you'll also have access to your open bar in addition to on the main terrace.

Inclusive drinks package

Enjoy an open bar of Champagne, fine wines, selected beers and soft drinks.

Worth knowing

Guests are requested not to take drinks to the balustrade at the front of the terrace - falling glass could do damage to cars, drivers and track workers! Dress code that leans more towards smart than casual.

What's the difference between this Midi VIP Suite package the and Midi Terrace package?

VIP Suite guests have access to the luxurious hospitality suite adjoining the Midi Terrace where a buffet luncheon is served including fine dishes such as Beef en Croute & Lobster with premium Champagne, wines and other drinks provided. Access between the suite and adjacent terrace is via a short corridor and staircase. The suite provides only a partial view as against the panorama from the main terrace. Drinks are served both in the suite and on the terrace through the afternoon.