Looking down on the hairpin and surroundings

Hospitality Hospitality lite - this package includes grandstand seating on the pool level of the Fairmont Monte Carlo. The view is spectacular! A superb buffet lunch is included along with a 4 hour drinks package including beers and wines.

Superb views of the track

What can we say - the view is spectacular! From your grandstand seat elevated above the pool deck of the hotel you're looking down on the hairpin and surrounding streets. From most seats you can see between the buildings and also the exit of Portier.

Excellent hospitality

Lunch will be provided, buffet-style, in the adjacent l'Horizon restaurant. By evening this superb restaurant is one of 'the' places to eat.

Inclusive drinks package

A 4 hour drinks package (from 12-noon) with fine wines, selected beers and soft drinks plus a small selection of spirits, is included with this experience.

Worth knowing

Access to the Fairmont is via a footbridge during track operating hours - you'll need to head over the bridge then through security before taking a small flight of steps down and then back up again into the top entrance of the hotel. The grandstand is NOT covered.