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View across the Fairmont Hairpin from 4th floor

Specially selected suites on 4th floor of the Fairmont Monte Carlo, overlooking the world's most famous hairpin - formerly known as the 'Station Turn'. Pretty much the same as our VIP Suites, just lowed and a bit cheaper!

Superb views of the track

Each of our selected suites has its own balcony overlooking the circuit! You'll also have views of the jumbo screen that is set up on the hotels' forecourt.

Superb hospitality

Enjoy a luxurious buffet-style food service that starts with breakfast pastries and includes a sumptuous lunch all freshly delivered to each of our suites.

Inclusive drinks package

Enjoy an open bar of Champagne, fine wines, selected beers and soft drinks plus a small selection of spirits.

Worth knowing

Access to the Fairmont is via a footbridge during track operating hours - you'll need to head over the bridge then through security before taking a small flight of steps down and then back up again into the top entrance of the hotel.