Where has the best views in Monte Carlo?

A question we're asked frequently - hence creating this page in the hope of giving you a better idea of what we think are the best views, the closest viewing locations and simply the most iconic.

Race viewing is so subjective, but we've tried to illustrate why certain locations are just better than others - in words and pictures!

So what's the best view?

In our opinion, the best view in F1™, not just Monaco's F1 weekend, is from the higher-floors of the Ermanno Palace. Hopefully you've got this page at full screen - in which case you'll have seen the image at the top of the page and just how panoramic it is... that's from the 6th floor of the Ermanno Palace building. Here it is, a bit smaller:

Stunning panorama from the Ermanno Palace Jolyon Palmer heads to Sainte Devote

What the picture doesn't quite show is that, looking to the right, you can see the start gantry and part of the grid, and below your feet is the run in to Sainte Devote (turn 1), frequently the scene of action at the start of the Grand Prix (and the various support races).

You can practically look straight into the cockpit of an F1 car as the driver fights the car to get it slowed down for this crucial corner, whilst avoiding the drain covers, white lines and other features that make the Monaco circuit unique.

Towards Massenet from Ermanno Palace

What you can see is the run up Beau Rivage past the apartments, banks and Institut Monégasque de Médecine du Sport until the road winds its way towards the Hotel de Paris, where the track curves out of sight.

Then the cars reappear shortly after exiting the famous tunnel as they blast past the new Monaco Yacht Club. Then they brake (hopefully) into the Nouvelle Chicane before powering out along the quayside past the yachts pulled back and on to Tabac where they turn left past the second row of yachts and, across the centre of the image above, head towards the Swimming Pool complex. Here you can see them battle through the first left/right combination before Grandstand L blocks your view of the exit.

We reckon that's about 60% of the circuit and cannot think of any other viewing location that offers such a panoramic view of F1 race action, anywhere in the world.

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Where has the closest views?

'Where can we get close up viewing?' is another question that comes up frequently - and here we can't really think of a better spot than La Rascasse. Even better, these views come at a price that beats most other locations in Monaco too!

Looking out from one of Rascasse's many viewing locations Looking out from La Rascasse

With multiple viewing locations, La Rascasse offers the race fan some different perspectives on the action going on right in front of them. Whether it's looking down from the first floor balcony and windows, or enjoying a drink on the trackside terrace, you're exceptionally close to the action on track.

Into pitlane from La Rascasse

Another big benefit for guests in La Rascasse is the proximity of both pit lane and paddock. Drivers are frequently seen walking between the two locations. Clients also have a partial view into the pit lane itself.

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And the most iconic?

When it comes to iconic views, you're spoilt for choice in Monaco, but for our money it has to be Casino Square - and that means either the Garnier Suite, or the Casino Square Suite.

These two stunning suites are on the front of the fantastic 5* Hôtel de Paris, with the large terrace of the Garnier Suite a big draw for guests who want both a spectacular view AND the finest hospitality. But our favourite is the Casino Square Suite, located one floor higher and closer to Massenet Corner. Sure you're watching the back of the cars through the right-hander in the square but you can look part way round the preceding corner. You also have a view straight down onto the cars as they pass by the famous front steps of the hotel.

Here's a couple of images that illustrate the view from the Casino Square Suite - if we were parting with our own cash this is where you'd find us on race day!

Iconic views of Casino Square Train of cars in Casino Square

As you would expect from facilities in the finest hotel in Monaco, the lunch offered is simply the best, whilst the drinks package features the finest Champagnes, wines, selected beers and an array of soft drinks.

Guests in either suite also have access to the Garden Terrace, offering an additional view with glimpses of the cars as they crest the hill and head to Massenet. The garden is also a great place to relax between on-track action.

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