Alfa Romeo heading through Bergamo, Mille Miglia 2018

Mille Miglia 2022

15-18 June 2022

Sorry, our 2022 tours are either sold out or taking a rest. The next Mille Miglia tours available to book will be for 2023.

Join the cognoscenti and experience the Mille Miglia with one of our luxury touring experiences.

Each of our tours offers a fully hosted experience with guests accompanied as they are shown to the best sites, and sights, to see the 'race' and explore some of the cultural highlights of the industrial heartland of Italy.

The race itself starts with scrutineering and the 'sealing ceremony' where the official race documents are presented in the heart of the historic city of Brescia. Wednesday sees the cars flagged off on stage one, which normally concludes on the coast near San Marino. Stage two heads to Rome whilst stage 3 is a return to the north, normally with an overnight stop in Parma. Day 4 hears from Parma back to Brescia, often via laps at Monza or some other testing challenges for the cars and their crews.

Cars parked in Brescia before the start
Lancia passing through a square in Brescia, Mille Miglia 2018

4-night tour, starts Tuesday ending Saturday

This shorter tour is our 'original' option - the first guests we ever took to the Mille Miglia enjoyed this short break and returned for a number of years!

Perfect for the time-poor who want to get a taste of the event, you'll visit the Mille Miglia museum in Brescia for a private tour and dinner. You will watch the cars as they head out on day 1 from a superb vantage point in a pretty lakeside location. Day 2 of the race we'll head to a very special location where the welcome will be typically Italian providing more stunning views as the cars race by. Get a taste for Italy's motor valley including a factory tour at Lamborghini, just one of the supercar manufacturers in the area which is home to Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, Dallara and many other small constructors.

Cars and crowds on the streets of Mantua, Mille Miglia 2017
Bentley at speed, Mille Miglia 2018

6-night tour, starts Monday ending Sunday

Our longer experience takes things on a step and includes, amongst other highlights, a lake cruise to a lakeside restaurant, a stunning lakeside hotel for part of the tour and central Parma property for the remainder, lunch on Wednesday overlooking the Mille Miglia route through Brescia, factory and museum tours and more chances to see the cars of the Mille Miglia as they head around their infamous 1000 mile route over the 4 days of the race.

There's even the chance to sample another of Italy's notable exports, Parmigiano Reggiano, on one of the farms producing this fantastic cheese whilst taking in a fantastic private car (and motorbike) collection, while another stop for dinner can include a visit to the aging casks of Balsamic vinegar made on the premises in the traditional way.

Historic cars everywhere
  4-night tour 6-night tour
Dates TBC 2023 2023 on sale
Fully hosted yes yes
TV celebrity race driver host yes  
4 & 5* hotels yes yes
Luxury transfers yes yes
Meals included 3 lunches
4 dinners
2 lunches
6 dinners
Time to explore Brescia yes yes
Visit to Maranello, including Ferrari Museum   yes
Ferrari test drive experience + lunch   yes
Factory tour at Lamborghini, museum visit yes yes
  4-night tour 6-night tour
Mercedes thunders through the streets of Parma after dark, Mille Miglia 2018
Cultural highlights of Brescia
See the cars up close
Get close to the cars in Brescia
Explore cultural cities and the Mille Miglia
Roadside views
Stunning museums and car collections
Visit Lamborghini, factory tour included
Maranello's Ferrari museum display
Drive a supercar experience
See the cars of the 1000 miles
Classic and historic race cars
Stunning historic cars at the Mille Miglia

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