Formula 1 - the pinnacle of motorsport

Perceived as the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 has now existed for more than 60 years as the pre-eminent World Championship for both driver and manufacturer.

Historic names like Ascari, Moss, Stewart, Hill, Villeneuve, Surtees, Peroni, Prost, Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton compete for the title of 'the best ever'. Meanwhile race car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Cooper, Williams, Lotus, McLaren, Red Bull and, most recently, Mercedes-AMG face off for the best known in the sport.

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Fernando Alonso at Silverstone (c)Simon PR Benson

Formula 1 calendar - key F1 dates


With the uncertainty surrounding all events worldwide, we're taking bookings for motorsport hospitality - secured with a reduced deposit of 25% in most instances.
Whilst bookings are noncancellable and deposits non-refundable, we accept that dates may change as may circumstances, and will be happy to make changes to assist clients where ever possible through deferred bookings. Deposits, whilst non-refundable, are transferable to any other event.

F1 Winter TestingTBC February 2021Contact Us
F1 Australian Grand Prix19-21 March 2021Contact Us
F1 Bahrain Grand Prix26-28 March 2021Contact Us
F1 Chinese Grand Prix9-11 April 2021Contact Us
F1 Vietnam Grand Prix23-25 April 2021Contact Us
F1 Spanish Grand Prix7-9 May 2021Book now
F1 Monaco Grand Prix20-23 May 2021Book now
F1 Canadian Grand Prix4-6 June 2021Contact Us
F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix11-13 June 2021Contact Us
F1 French Grand Prix25-27 June 2021Contact Us
F1 Austrian Grand Prix2-4 July 2021Contact Us
F1 British Grand Prix16-18 July 2021Book now
F1 Hungarian Grand Prix30 July-1 August 2021Contact Us
F1 Dutch Grand Prix19-21 August 2021Contact Us
F1 Belgian Grand Prix27-29 August 2021Book now
F1 Italian Grand Prix3-5 September 2021Book now
F1 Russian Grand Prix17-19 September 2021Contact Us
F1 Singapore Grand Prix24-26 September 2021Book now
F1 Japanese Grand Prix8-10 October 2021Contact Us
F1 US Grand Prix5-7 November 2021Contact Us
F1 Mexican Grand Prix12-14 November 2021Contact Us
F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix26-28 November 2021Contact Us
F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix3-5 December 2021Book now

Why book Formula 1 hospitality and F1 packages with us? have offered VIP hospitality and packages for a range of Formula 1 events for many years. Our business grew out of a passion which means we love F1 and therefore want to share that with you!

When you contact us you'll speak with a real person with an interest in the sport - no massive corporate body that could just as easily be selling a ski package or safari holiday - we only sell hospitality packages, focused around motorsport.

The majority, not quite all - yet, of the photographs we use on our website have been taken by US. So where we say that such-and-such image shows the view, we mean it - and we'll probably have more images to show you what to expect!

Our favourite F1 and other events for hospitality

People often ask us what our favourite events are, and we can honestly say our top 5 includes our Mille Miglia tour, Monaco F1, Monaco Historic GP, Formula 1 British Grand Prix, and the British MotoGP.

Red Bull cresting Beau Rivage in Monaco with yachts behind (c)Simon PR Benson

Why focus on a small range of F1 VIP hospitality events?

We have intentionally focused on providing bespoke experiences for a small number of Formula 1 Grand Prix - as a small business we have to start somewhere!

Our core focus is on events, and destinations, we know really well - or we trust our partners to handle every detail of a package. That means our main focus has always been on the F1 races in Barcelona, Monaco, Spa, Monza, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. With these events we're present - or represented by a trusted partner - to ensure that your experience is first class.

For other events we have access to Formula 1 Paddock Club and other packages and will be happy to talk through your requirements and the options available. Please just get in touch.

F1 car through Casino Square, Monaco (c)Simon PR Benson

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